There are a lot of errors when it pertains to meat and poultry processing in Nigeria. Why should you trust us?
Trust & Reliability
You can trust us at Humana Foods to deliver to your doorstep quality and fresh meat and poultry products as per your requirements. We boast of a dedicated team with years of experience in the Food Industry. This is why we put customer satisfaction at the forefront.
At Humana Foods, “Freshness is the key factor. We ensure that we slaughter to meet the demands of customers and deliver prompt based on requests. To maintain freshness our meat is stored in our cold-room facilities to be packaged and distributed within 24 Hours.
We make sure that the quality of all our meat and poultry products remains the same. Duly registered under The Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) of Nigeria, our processing factory would undergo periodic visitation by inspectors from National Agency for Food and Drug Administration(NAFDAC) and Standards Organization of Nigeria (SON). However, our customers are our biggest priority which is why we promise to consistently deliver fresh and quality products to you.


Humana Foods is made up of a well-structured organogram. Industry experts sit at the table of the board of directors to make decisions that steer the organization in the right direction. Get acquainted with our management team.
Wale Olaleye (CEO)
Wale Olaleye, a Chartered Accountant, Chartered Banker, and IT Auditor with 30 years of experience in meat and poultry agribusinesses.
Adebayo Akinloye, Director, Farm Operations
Adebayo Akinloye holds M.Sc, Phd in Veterinary Medicine. He is a seasoned veterinary diagnostic imaging(VDI) consultant and veterinary medical practioner
Bayo Bamisaye Head, Business Operations.
Mr Bayo holds degrees in Engineering and MBA with extensive experience in Banking, Credit & Risk Management and Sales & Customer Relationships.
Engr. Oladipo Olawale, Civil Engineering (B.Tech Civil & Structural Engineer)
A self-motivated, focused and innovative Civil Engineer with vast experience in Structural Engineering. His passion for success is exceptional.


Ever wondered about a scenario where your money works for you? Looking for a secure and safe place to passively grow your funds? Humana Foods has just the right investment plans for you. We are presenting you with an opportunity to not only make passive income but also impact lives indirectly. We have made it very easy for you to invest and earn great profits.
Our investment plans are simple, risk-free and safe way for individuals looking to invest in production of fresh meat and poultry products.
We can guarantee your privacy and the security of your investment with us. Our platform is built with the security of your investment in mind
When you invest with us, we use the funds invested to fund various ongoing projects such as modern chicken houses for birds, purchase and increase the number of chickens we rear so as to facilitate a high supply of poultry products to meet the ever-growing demands.

Ongoing Projects at Humana Foods

Proposed poultry Pens with a capacity for rearing about 40,000 birds

side view of our Proposed poultry Pens

Aerial view of our poultry pens

Ongoing projects at our factory

Our Partners

Mrs Gwen Abiola Oloke
Gwen Abiola Oloke, Founder/CEO - DI- Africa (Direct Investment Africa) and also an Investment Director leading GroFin's operation in West Africa Direct Investment Africa


Our customer care representatives are on standby to take your orders, inquiries, and feedback. Let us make eating healthy a reality for you.
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